50+ Examples Of Cleverly Used Furniture In Living Rooms

50+ Examples Of Cleverly Used Furniture In Living Rooms


Some of the best living room designs are those that make the most out of small spaces. From furniture that’s multi-functional to cleverly placed items, these living rooms will inspire you to be creative with your own setup.

Storage And Display

A coffee table is a great way to display items, such as books and magazines. It can also be used to store items such as coasters and remote controls.

A console table is another piece of furniture that can be used for both storage and display purposes. A console table typically features drawers or shelves that make it easier for you to organize your living room accessories.

Wall units are another option if you want something more substantial than just a simple shelf or cabinet. Wall units come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to choose one that matches the overall aesthetic of your home’s interior design scheme!

Make The Most Out Of Your Space

  • Make the most out of your space.
  • Use the space you have creatively, efficiently and wisely.
  • Purposefully utilize any available nooks and crannies in your living room to create additional storage or display areas for items such as books or photos that are important to you.

Functionality In Small Spaces

  • Create a sense of space
  • Create a sense of flow
  • Create a sense of privacy
  • Create warmth and comfort in the room, even if it’s small (this is important!)
  • Make the most out of your furniture with clever placement and style choices that complement each other

Placement Is Everything

The key to great furniture placement is making sure that the room is comfortable and inviting. You want to be able to see the room from all angles, walk around freely, and have a conversation with friends without feeling cramped or crowded.

In order to achieve this goal, it’s important to make sure that each piece of furniture has its own space so that it doesn’t block out other areas of the room. For example: if you place two couches against opposite walls–one facing north and one facing south–you will have no choice but to sit in between them because there won’t be any other place for someone else! Instead, try placing one couch at an angle so that it does not block off access into another part of your living room area; this way people can come over and hang out on either side without feeling like they’re invading anyone else’s personal space (or vice versa).

Open Up Your Living Room With A Coffee Table Lift Top

A lift-top coffee table is a great way to open up your living room. When you lift the top, you can reveal storage space and even a hidden compartment if you want to create a secret hiding spot for your valuables. Lift-top coffee tables are available in many styles and materials, so it’s easy for you to find one that fits both your home decor and budget!

Lift Top Coffee Table Options:

  • Wood: The most common material used in making lift top coffee tables is wood because it’s durable, easy to work with and affordable–but there are other options too! Some people prefer metal or glass because they’re lighter weight than wood (which means they’re easier on their backs when they have to lift them), while others might like this look better because it has more style than traditional wooden furniture pieces do–making them stand out as statement pieces within any room where they’re placed!

These charming living rooms all feature cleverly used furniture for a functional and beautiful look.

When you think of furniture, it’s easy to imagine what your living room would look like if you had a couch and some chairs. But there’s so much more that can be done with the right pieces! If you’ve got a small space or are looking for ways to make your living room feel more spacious, these cleverly used furniture ideas will help transform your space into an inviting place where everyone wants to hang out.


We hope these living room ideas have inspired you to make your own space more functional and beautiful. Whether it’s by adding a coffee table lift top or adding more seating with a cleverly used bench, there are plenty of ways to transform your living room into something special.